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New Chapter

Don’t worry she said.  To no one but herself.  Her mom had recently passed away and

Everything’s going to be Okay.  Everything always has a way of making itself into okay. Everything has a way of being okay.  
After all, is life about suffering? Is life about worrying  or  is it about wondering?

My head’s been in the clouds lately.  The turmoil has been like a thunderous night.   Waiting.  In anticipation for the rain.  
You can’t buy love, but you can buy handmade, and that’s kind of the same thing. Is this fiction, or is it fact?  She had always taught the importance of giving from the heart. 
Hold on.  I gotta sit down, she thought. Everything’s going to Come Up Rosie. That’s how life is. A bowl of consequences.
Things always have a way of working themselves out, though. There are trials. There are tribulations. There are triumphs. And there are failures.
She had taught her a lot.  Wisdom.  Respect.  Integrity.  Patience. And of course, Love. That’s what life’s about, right?  
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In Loving Memory...

I have an "inspiration" binder that I keep on a shelf in my office at home where I’ve collected pictures of things I've found in magazines.  There's a few priceless treasures of artwork that my kids made me tucked in there too.  I only add super special stuff - things that I know I'll love for the long term.  

Anyway, we were talking about a project at the house when I suddenly thought of a photo I wanted to share with Russ and brought the binder out.  As I was flipping through these pages of images that I'd saved over a good decade of time, I found this little quote Mom had sent to me.  I don't know when she sent it, but I had liked it so much.  There it was, this two sentence quote that SHE must have cut out of a magazine.  The words were highlighted in what was now a faded yellow marker and she’d written four little words above it on a hot pink sticky note in her beautiful cursive writing.  A note just for me. Reminding me to believe in myself.  I loved…

Sunday Stroll - The Adventures of M&M - Chapter 3

The day before had been nothing but gloomy and cold.  The Magpies had been occupied the whole day with grooming their abode.  The snow that had fallen during the afternoon had accumulated on the roof so Marvin had spent much of his time out in the cold lifting and securing while Mavis had been up to her beak with buttoning and mending on the inside.  Being a homeowner was a lot of work!

Today, as a slight bit of blue skies peeked in through all the loose ends, they decided to take a Sunday stroll. 
     "Where shall we go, my dear" Marvin pleasantly asked as Mavis finished getting ready to go.
     "Let's circle around and see who is new in the neighborhood, shall we?" Mavis replied.  "I'm wondering if anyone decided to take that man-made house we saw?  Do you remember that one?  It had the copper chimney?  It was available a few weeks ago."
     "Shall we go and spend some time on the live wire as well?" Marvin inquired as he strutted…

Starting Out - The Adventures of Marvin and Mavis Magpie - Chapter 2

They had just spent their first real night in the new place, the one they had built together.  It was a great starter nest!  They had worked side by side to find the perfect twigs and tufts of winter grass to stitch it all together just right.  There were no adornments, just a nice roof over their heads, and it would most definitely survive the typical spring and summer time weather a neighborhood at 7200 feet could expect!

As the sun began to rise behind the gloomy clouds and morning showers, the slight breeze swayed their high rise just a bit and Marvin whispered,
     "Nothing to be alarmed about, Mavis, trees of this size will shimmy and shake, especially this far up from the ground!"
     "Mamma always told me there was no time for worry" Mavis replied, "besides, it's time to get up and get going with our day!"
     "Yes!  Indeed it is my fine lady" Marvin smiled and with that headed toward the door to go find something to eat.

As the …

Unexpected Neighbors - Chapter 1

We got some new neighbors this year.

 "This isn't really their hood" I thought as he shooed them away.  The first time was out in the east grove, right when you come around the corner.  They were tucked in toward the house, so passersby on the road may not have noticed, but we did.

A few days later they were back, it is Springtime after all.  Not in the exact location, but a few trees over.  Those darn magpies!  The next morning they returned to find chaos instead of their finely woven structure, but they were determined that this was the place - only to be foiled once again.

We didn't see them for a few days, but then one morning there they were, out there talking.  How could all of their hard work keep tumbling down?  They hadn't noticed it to be too windy when they'd left the night before?  They hadn't seen any creatures lurking about that would create such havoc!

A few mornings later they arrived for yet another visit.   Being very persistent creatur…

A Flash of Time

"I wish somebody would have told me then, these are the good ole days" Macklemore sang to me on the radio as I raced to the airport a few weeks ago.  Didn't really think too much about it until I was flying home a couple of days later.

I had gone to visit my parents to look through old photos and I found this one of my Nona with her beautiful sister-in-law Norina and fun loving daughter Anita.  They’re all standing around Nona’s stove.  Anita is pouring something into a strainer and Norina is smiling, with her cigarette, (yup, this was the early 70's, folks), with her back to the wall where Nona’s phone with the long curly tail hung.  I remember well the mustardy gold striped wallpaper and all of the custom cabinetry that Nono had made for the home they had lived in for many decades.

This photo is screenplay stuff.  Nice screenplay stuff, like, my family really didn’t seem too controversial?!?  We weren’t oil tycoons or mobsters.  In this photo we were just the pazz…


They really are like the beautiful song Barbra Streisand made famous.  Oh, Oh, mem'ries.... (insert music note emoticons here).  They may be beautiful and yet.  Misty, water colored mem'ries.  You know the words...

I was given this unique piece of artwork a couple of years ago.  I had recently started dating her son and we had personally met, though she lived over a thousand miles away.  She mailed it to him to give to me.  Maybe I had impressed her as the type of someone who might like a piece of her personally hand made artwork?  A work of art that she had personally made.

The first home my ex and I had purchased was a 700sf war box in West Seattle.  Back in those days we didn't take photos of ourselves and our surroundings every step we took.  Taking pictures happened when we remembered to bring the camera.  Carrying around your Nikon like a purse wasn't the norm.

It was a cute little house that sat perched up off the street; there were 23 cracking concrete steps …